On February, 24th its whole territory was attacked by Russian armed forces - from the territories of Russia and Belarus, from the sea, and the sky. They are deploying paratroopers, carrying out air strikes and shoot at us from across the border.

Thanks to the Army and the unity of Ukrainians, we are standing strong but need all the help we can get.
50,000Estimated number of casualties in UkraineSource
4 millionRefugeesSource
280 milesLength of the front lineSource
The West must choose: Either arm Ukraine or enable Putin’s genocide
As Ukraine continues to liberate areas north of Kyiv, global audiences are being confronted by shocking photo and video evidence of crimes against humanity. Weeks spent under Russian occupation have transformed the once sleepy suburbs of the Ukrainian capital into a vast killing field. It is becoming increasingly apparent that Putin’s invasion force has committed war crimes that echo the worst excesses of the totalitarian twentieth century.
Mass graves and murdered civilians in Bucha
Nightmarish scenes of mass graves and murdered civilians are being revealed following the pullback of Russian troops from the greater Kyiv area. In Bucha, northwest of the capital, images show civilian bodies strewn across a road following the Russian withdrawal. CNN reporters observed a mass grave in the town, with the mayor saying up to 300 victims may be buried there.
Russian troops pull back from Kyiv, leaving horrors in their wake
After bodies of civilians are discovered around the Ukraine capital US and NATO allies are expressing shock and promising tougher sanctions.
Satellite imagery shows bodies laid in Bucha streets for weeks, contradicting Russian claims
High-resolution satellite imagery from Maxar Technologies collected over Bucha, Ukraine, corroborates recent social media videos and photos that show bodies lying out in the streets for weeks.
Satellite images show bodies lay in Bucha for weeks, despite Russian claims.
An analysis of satellite images by The New York Times rebuts claims by Russia that the killing of civilians in Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv, occurred after its soldiers had left the town.
Russia denies and deflects in reaction to Bucha atrocities
As the world expresses outrage over mounting evidence that Russian troops slaughtered civilians in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, officials in Moscow are denying Russian involvement and dismissing images of dead bodies as fraudulent.